Formatting docx for quotation (Bubble)

Im looking to do a fairly complex quotation using the docx builder with Bubble and am wondering if what I need is possible. Here is the quotation format that I want. Its basically a nested json array.

A. Category A

  1. Line item 1
  2. Line item 2
  3. Line item 3

B. Category B

  1. Line item 4
  2. Line item 5
  3. Line item 6 that is extended as an example and that I want to be on one page and not an orphaned line item (ie half the line is on one page and the other half on another).

What I Need to Do

  1. I want my line items to be complete. Lets say B3 (the extended line item) is at the bottom of the page and spills over. I do not want half of the line to be on page 1 and the other half at the start of page 2. If this happens, it should automatically send everything to page 2. Is this possible to do?
  2. Similarly, I dont want my categories to be orphaned. So if half of category B is on page 1 and the other half is on page 2, I want to push the whole of category B to page 2. Is this possible?
  3. Alternatively to #2, another possibility is that of category B is split across page 1 and 2, but when it continues on page 2, it automatically starts with B. Category B (cont’d) before continuing to list down the subsequent line items.